Junior Primary Sports

Our Grade 1 and 2 girls enjoy being involved in after-sports activities, where they learn the fundamentals of all major sports, such as swimming, hockey, netball and basic ball skills. As a compulsory activity, our girls benefit from these twice-a-week practices, as they begin to develop the necessary skills for their Senior years.

Over and above the afternoon sports programme our girls have a full hour of PE once a week, whereby learners are gathered into smaller, more personalised groups. Various programs and movement activities are implemented for each grade and progressed accordingly. Functions include hand-eye coordination, balance, rhythm, spatial orientation, loco motor and dominant and non-dominant activities.

The Foundation Phase Physical Educational lessons are based on the CAPS curriculum, ensuring that the Department of Education guidelines are applied. Along with these guidelines, an important area of focus for these younger girls, is gross motor development. The building of larger muscle groups from a young age has been proven to produce major benefits such as: good posture development, muscle growth, increased brain activity, a reduced amount of restlessness and the improvement of fine motor skills, both inside and outside the classroom.
Each day we strive to initiate enthusiasm and create a place of happiness and confidence, as our girls attend their PE lessons and extra mural activities. Our hope is that each girl learns to love being active, in every shape and form, as they grow into respectful and responsible young ladies.  

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