Junior Primary Sports

Physical Education is a necessity in the Foundation Phase, especially in relation to the
long-term benefits and the significant development of each child’s gross and fine motor skills. As the smaller children develop these skills and maintain a physically active lifestyle, the reaping benefits and rewards are also observed within the classroom and academically.

Our focus on the sports field is not over exertion. Being active each day does not mean going for a long and strenuous run, or spending hours at the gym, or being the most talented child during a match or PE lesson. It is about a positive attitude, being excited to be outdoors; recognizing the privilege of being able to move our bodies as we breathe fresh air into our lungs; having fun hanging out with our friends and learning something new.


Senior Primary Sports

Along with the physical and psychological benefits to participating in sports, extra –curricular or Physical Education is a vital part of developing a learner holistically. While physical activities encourage positive attitudes, leadership, commitment, setting goals, team work, values, sportsmanship and more, many skills are being developed.
Our hope is that as each girl participates in extra – curricular activities, they will become completely equipped with the skills necessary to successfully overcome any future challenges.

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